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Personal endorsement of US Law Shield

Greg Bauman

I’ve had US LawShield since I began working in the security guard industry here in Austin. I didn’t get it right when I got my L3 armed security guard pocket card. It was a couple months later, and honestly having been involved in as many incidents as I have after that, I now simply cannot imagine not having the insurance during those few months. As many will attest to, I have a penchant for being what was always affectionately called a Poo Magnet. At least, I affectionately called myself that – whether anyone else did is a matter of conjecture on my part.

You get the idea though. If I’m on shift, the fecal matter is about to impact the oscillating device. It’s just a matter of time. It literally never failed. I like to joke about it as if it’s a curse, but the reality is it boils down to work ethic. If you’re working, you’ll find something. I had all sorts of fun and racked up a laundry list of incidents. I have had more than a few crazy ones. One I simply call Mushroom Man was a good one. A very, very long fight with a transient burglarizing my property was another. Motorcycle thieves who kept coming back over and over to my property was one more. Shots fired just off property and the radio crackling with updates the suspects are coming my way. Mental Health. Drug dealers. Massive fire. Major EMS. You name it, I’ve had fun handling it.

That’s the thing, though – it’s exhilarating in the moment, but any of these were absolutely the kind of butt-clenching incidents that nobody in their right mind goes looking for on purpose. I do my due diligence regarding the law – what do I have in the situation I find myself in and what am I going to do about it? But let’s face it, one mis-step in judgement and it could be my sorry behind wearing silver bracelets. A big chunk of my early years was smack in the middle of the de-fund movement, plus protests of the police department here in Austin, etc. We had to be very aware of the situation and act intelligently, but the reality is our butts were hanging in the wind every bit as much and more than the police departments.

This is why I went out and found insurance to cover me on-duty and off. For the vast majority of my time in security, I worked for Tx2 Security here in Austin. They demand squared-away officers and expect high performance, but they also stand behind their officers. As long as your process was on point, even if you make mistakes they will back you up. Don’t be an idiot of course still applies, but they had my back. And if it came down to a real incident with a real problem, I wanted somebody in my corner legally, too.

Have I ever had to pull out the card from my wallet and make a call? No. Is it worth the few dollars a month for the peace of mind in the event something crazy popped off? Absolutely. You should check them out. I don’t have experience with USCCA, so I can’t reasonably compare them. But if you’re working in this industry and carry a weapon for work (doesn’t matter which kind!) you should have insurance.

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