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Texas Security Guard Jobs

We exist to connect Employers, Candidates and Vendors in the security industry in a meaningful way.

SECURITY GUARD JOBS  That’s what this place is all about – Texas has thousands of guard companies, with over 90,000 security guard jobs according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Texas lists well over 2500 companies involved in security work in the state, and all of them are invited to have a presence here and promote the jobs they have open!

ONLY LICENSED WORKERS Aside from fire watch which can be performed by anyone working for a security guard company in Texas, you’ll need a Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 certification in order to find work in security in the state.  You’re required to have your pocket card in your possession and as such, anyone using this site will have gone through vetting to ensure they meet those specific requirements.  Had your L2 but just earned your L3 certification?   That means you just unlocked all the armed guard jobs available here.  Same goes for L4 personal protection officer / bodyguard.  Make sure to invest and educate yourself getting the certifications!

CANDIDATE FRIENDLY Candidates get multiple resumes, dedicated sections for certifications, standardized resume format templates or thehability to go custom if desired, emphasis on a professional bio, profile photos and much more.  Powerful search capabilities allow you to zero in on what kind of job you’re looking for, where, with what schedule, the types of posts you want and high rated companies!  Compare and contrast companies with ease – leave a review for the ones you have worked for, too!

EMPLOYERS You’re constantly looking for talent to add to your roster and cover new and growing client assignments.  This is a target rich environment – everyone here is working in the security industry, may have just obtained their security license or have been working in the industry for 20-30+ years.  This is a concentrated zone to promote your business and entice strong additions to join your team!    L2, L3, L4 and even fire watch personnel can be found here.

VENDORS Have a product or service offering that focuses on the security & law enforcement industry?  Vendors can promote their company toward Employers, Guard Candidates or both!  Anything from training academies, to qualification gun ranges, gear providers, incident insurance services, company logistics support, vehicle and equipment provision, etc.  Whether you hand-stitch uniform polos & patches or provide bug-detecting hardware for field use, you can have a place to call home here.

CALENDARING & CONTRACTING Have a lot of clients who need temporary service for a few days or weeks at a time and need to fill those slots?  We can help.  All Employers automatically have a Calendar you can populate with upcoming short term positions that need headcount.  Plan and communicate your needs simultaneously to the core contingent of personnel capable of delivering results for you quickly & efficiently.


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Putting transparency and accountability into security guard employment in Texas for Employers and Employees alike.

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